Our vision

APTOMET is the leading independent and product-neutral service provider in Switzerland in the areas of calibration and measuring equipment management and the distribution of measuring equipment in the field of pressure.

Our mission

As an independent and flexible company, we offer customer-oriented services and solutions to ensure quality and safety requirements, according to the motto  

"APTOMET makes measurement reliable"

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Every day, we record the needs of our customers and inspire them with our offers, services and solutions. With calibrations from our accredited calibration laboratory according to ISO/IEC 17025, we contribute to the quality assurance of our customers' products and services.

With the comprehensive measuring equipment management, based on the company's own internet application APTObase, we relieve the customer of the monitoring of his measuring and testing equipment. With calibration planning, timely requests for calibration as well as the necessary logistics, we take over the entire measuring equipment management.

Additional services such as product testing, support and advice in the evaluation of measuring equipment, training and instruction round off our comprehensive range of services.

Cooperation with various partners expands our service.

Corporate values

The following values apply in our corporate culture:

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  • Mutual appreciation and acceptance of needs, concerns and suggestions
  • Willingness to perform, determination, efficiency and consistency
  • Adherence to deadlines and agreements
  • Continuous improvement of processes and services
  • Committed to impartiality towards our partners

Our employees are committed to performance orientation and attach great importance to high quality, environmental and safety awareness. This includes comprehensible performance, appropriate documentation and communication as well as responsible and trustworthy handling of goods and information.

Timely working conditions ensure a pleasant working environment. Professional competence is built up and maintained through further training.

APTOMET complies with regulatory and legal requirements. It is important to maintain "common sense" in the process!


The name APTOMET is derived from the words
apto = to adjust exactly (Latin)
metrologie = science and technique of measuring (not to be confused with meteorology!).