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Merger of the Bern-Bümpliz and Gümligen calibration laboratories

After APTOMET AG in Gümligen took over the calibration laboratory of Asetronics AG on 1 October 2022, the integration of employees and processes has now been successfully completed. Accordingly, the time was ripe to merge the two calibration laboratories in terms of location. The relocation of the laboratory at Freiburgstrasse 251 in 3018 Bern to the head office in 3073 Gümligen took place at the end of April 2024. The definitive closure of the premises in Bern-Bümpliz will take place shortly.

The merger of the two laboratories will help us to minimise organisational and logistical expenses and has the advantage for our partners that our employees will be more accessible and measuring devices can be delivered at any time during our opening hours - without the need for advance notification.

For further information and questions regarding the relocation of the laboratory from Bern to Gümligen, please do not hesitate to contact us -> Contact